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Student Setup

On this page you will find the steps necessary to setup student computers with SOS after you have installed the Switched-On Schoolhouse Program to the computer.

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Setup of Student Computers with SOS  2/17/07 

This covers the basic aspects of setting up Switched-On Schoolhouse. The best way to setup is to use the Setup Wizard that begins the first time SOS Teacher is opened. If you need to access it again, open SOS Teacher then click on the Application button and choose Setup Wizard then follow the on-screen instructions.

After you have installed the Switched-On Schoolhouse Program, you will need to set up the program for your student(s). There are basic four steps involved with this:
Setting up the School Term (Calendar)
Setting up the Student accounts
Installing the Curriculum discs
Assigning the Curriculum

Setting up the School Term (Calendar)
1. Double click on the SOS Teacher Icon. Enter your password and login.
2. Click on the 'Administration' button.
3. Underneath the School Setup tab, you will see the drop down list where it says Edit: Assignment Settings. Drop down the list, and choose Term Settings.
4. The term you initially named during setup should be listed here. Click the calendar picture to the right. A window will appear asking you to select a Traditional or Custom school year:
   Traditional: Our standard school year for 2006 is from September 5 to June 12th. 180 school days. Includes most major Christian holidays.
   Custom: Allows you to set a custom start and end date for the school year. Excludes weekends, but does not include any holidays. Please consult your Reference guide for additional information on customizing.
   Make your choice, and click OK.
5. A calendar will appear, displaying your choice of calendar. Click Save, and the window will close.

Setting up the Student(s)
1. Click the 'Student Setup' tab at the top of the screen.
2. At the bottom of the screen, click the 'Add Student' button. Enter the student's first and last names in the provided fields, then enter a student username. This is the name they will see when they log in to the Student program. If you do not want the program to leave that field blank.
3. The term field should reflect the term you had just set up.
4. Advanced Lesson Planning allows the computer to assign due dates for every lesson throughout the school year. Leaving it unchecked will allow the student to work at a self directed pace, with no assigned due dates. See the Reference Guide for more information.
5. Click the 'Save' button once all the changes are completed.
6. Repeat steps 2-5 for each additional student.

Installing Curriculum
1. Click the Curriculum Setup tab.
2. Insert the first (A) CD for the subject you wish to install in the drive.
3. Click the 'Install' button.
4. A window will come up asking for the location of the "contents.sosx" file. Navigate to the cdrom/dvd drive, and double-click on the 'contents' file.
5. Another window will appear asking if you want to run the curriculum from CD, or copy it to the hard drive. Choose 'Leave on CD', and click OK.
6. The system will work for a moment, and then show the subject under the Default Subjects heading.
7. To verify installation. Click the (+) sign beside Default Subjects, then the (+) sign beside 2004. Your subject should be listed.
8. Repeat steps 2-6 for each subject you have.

Assigning Curriculum
1. Click the (+) sign beside Default Subjects, then the (+) sign beside 2004. Click once on the title name (the words) of the subject you wish to assign.
2. Click the 'Assign' button.
3. On the right hand side of the screen, verify the term is correct, and click to place a check mark beside the name of the student(s) you want to assign the subject to.
4. Click the 'Finish' button to assign the subject. If you have Advanced Lesson Planning enabled, you will show a 'Next' button instead of 'Finish.' Click that, verify that the start and end dates are correct, then click 'Finish' to assign the subject.
5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each additional subject you want to assign.

This is a 'quick start' to getting the student up and running. For more detailed and in-depth information regarding customization of each of these topics, please consult the Help file. Click here for help on how to use the Help file.



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