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School Start Tips

On this page you will find an overview of steps to start a school. Please use the Contact Us page above so we can help you every step of the way!

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At AOPSE, we know the challenges you face when starting a Christian school. The following steps are a very brief summary designed to help guide you through the process. Our mission is to provide the best resources to help make your Christian school a success. For complete school development kits or a free AOP catalog please contact us above.

1. Be certain of God's will.

bulletPray fervently. Satan hates the idea of children being under the influence of God's Word every day. He will try to stop you by discouraging you.
bulletView the video entitled, "Why Christian Education?", which is produced by Alpha Omega Publications. (Other messages on Christian Education are included in the School Development Kit.)

2. Seek Information.

bulletContact your AOP representative to request an information packet.

3. Schedule a presentation.

bulletCall (toll-free) 877-688-2652 to arrange for your regional AOP Representative to give an onsite presentation of the AOP program.
bulletSchedule a meeting with all interested parents.
bulletReview a projected development plan with your AOP Representative. Ask questions about state regulations regarding private schools, fire and health codes, teachers, curriculum, required number of school days, hours per day, etc.

4. Visit a school recommended by your AOP Representative.

bulletAllow your AOP Representative to arrange for you and other key leaders to see how the high-tech AOP program operates in real life.
bulletGive each of your staff an opportunity to work through the Switched-On Schoolhouse curriculum in a "hands-on" environment.

5. Finalize your commitment.

bulletAs God leads, sign and return the School Application.
bulletPurchase the School Development Kit (SDK) from AOP.
bulletIf you choose to implement the Switched-On Schoolhouse electronic curriculum, review, complete, and submit the Site License to AOP.
bulletPurchase the Staff DVD Training Kit and contact your AOP Regional Representative for further training options.

6. Assess your technology needs.

bulletDetermine your network operating system, software licenses, number of workstations, and cabling.
bulletComplete the Technology Development Survey and Technology Review Questionnaire (available in the SDK).
bulletBegin working on the Start-Up timeline from the SDK.
bulletSecure operating systems for all computers.

7. Share your vision and begin raising funds.

bulletSet up a Finance Development Committee.
bulletDetermine the amounts needed for preparation of your facility and implementation of your technology plan.
bulletReview and adjust your budget plans.
bulletDevelop a fundraising plan from the Fundraising Ideas section of the SDK.
bulletAs you present the needs of the school to your constituency each week, encourage and allow individuals to donate.

8. Develop your school philosophy and policies.

bulletWhat will be the mission of your school? Review examples and suggestions of policies such as: qualifications for admission, graduation requirements, and academic standards.

9. Finalize an Operating Policy.

bulletThoroughly review the General Operating Policy Guide in the SDK and begin preparing the following from the templates provided on the SDK CD-ROM.
bulletAll operating policies
bulletA sample budget
bulletSchool enrollment package
bulletSchool form

10. Prepare your facility.

bulletFulfill all fire, safety, and asbestos inspections in accordance with your local code.
bulletBuild or purchase student workstations.
bulletInstall electrical and set up network.
bulletProcure other school furnishings.

11. Finalize your working budget.

bulletDetermine "ballpark" figures for what you can pay staff.
bulletDetermine what you will have to charge for tuition to cover staff salaries and overhead.
bulletDetermine what fees will be necessary to cover curriculum and other start up costs.
bulletReview your financial plan with the Finance Development Committee.

12. Promote the school and register students.

bulletDevelop promotional brochures and flyers.
bulletPrepare and submit an announcement to your local newspaper.
bulletCreate a radio advertisement.
bulletPlan a community drive to promote in local stores and churches. Build enthusiasm for God's great new work. AOP has provided templates for brochures, forms, and promotional materials in the SDK.
bulletPrepare enrollment packs.

13. Hire and train your school staff.

bulletInterview prospective staff and prayerfully consider those character qualities you feel each of you staff should possess.
bulletTrain staff in using personalized and computerized curriculum.
bulletFollow AOP suggestions for staff orientation.
bulletReview the staff handbook will all staff.

14. Review your financial projections.

bulletReconsider projected enrollment and staff needs.
bulletSalaries and all other costs.
bulletFinalize the operating budget for the first year.

15. Prepare your curriculum.

bulletIf you will be using LIFEPAC curriculum, order diagnostic testing.
bulletIf using electronic curriculum, install the Switched-On Schoolhouse subjects on the school network server.

16. Diagnose for student academic needs.

bulletSchedule and administer student diagnostic testing.
bulletReview Diagnosis and Prescription PowerPoint.
bulletPrescribe SOS curriculum units for each student.

17. Order your paper-based curriculum.

bulletReview your first order with your AOP Representative. Place the final paper curriculum order at least three weeks before students will arrive.

18. Prepare staff for the opening day of school.

bulletPrepare and review the first day's schedule.
bulletDiscuss the student handbook together.
bulletAssign various parts of student orientation to selected staff members.

19. Prepare parent orientation.

bulletParents must understand the philosophy, procedures, and policies of your Christian school.
bulletCustomize the LIFEPAC parent orientation to meet your needs.
bulletCustomize the LIFEPAC parent PowerPoint.

20. Plan a dedication service.

bulletPlan details for your Prayer and Dedication Service.
bulletInvite parents, students, and community leaders to participate.

21. Open your school and begin making a huge difference in the lives of precious children entrusted to your care.




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