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On this page you will find miscellaneous information on various topics that are useful to schools.  Please check back from time to time to view new info.

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FAFSA (Federal Student Aid)   SAT/ACT Info    Student Employment     School Medical Records      Computer Tips       Handbook Changes    Achievement Testing    Useful Links

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

This requires some time from the parent, but it should be a high priority!  Normally, you will want to print out the current FAFSA on the Web Worksheet (usually the top link) so you can prepare information that you will need while filling out a FAFSA online.  The worksheet will require a little homework before filling out the application. You will need tax information and possible choices of schools.  Application deadlines vary by state, but are usually in early spring.   Both the student and the parent will have login accounts setup to check the status of the application.  You will also receive information via email.


ACT or SAT College Entrance Exams

Which test should be taken? What are the timelines?  Are there benefits to preparing for college entrance exams?  If so, which method makes the most sense?  A higher score can mean whether the student is offered acceptance, scholarships, and other opportunities.  Even if a student has an impressive high school G.P.A., it doesn't mean he or she will receive a corresponding entrance test score.  Click here to read our ACT/SAT Preparation Information which has helpful information and links.



Student Employment Information and Work Permit Requirements

US: State Laws   Hours Allowed (Non-Farm)    Hours (Farm)   Compulsory School Attendance Laws   

Links to State Labor Sites  VA: Employment Guide (pdf)   MD: Employment Guide

NC:  Employment Guide  Online Work Permit  WV: Employment Laws 2002-2007 pdf

Overview: In many states, students ages 12 through 17 must have a “Work Permit” on file with the employer during the term of the employment.  You should visit the State Laws link and select your state to find out requirements.  (If your are not directly taken to work permit or child labor laws information, search for "work permit" or "child labor" on the state department of labor site.)  Most states that require a work permit have the student deliver an "Intent to Employ" or similar named document to the employer.  Usually, a parent signature is required on the form to approve proposed schedule/hours. The "Intent to Employ" document is usually available from the student's school or the local  superintendent’s district office or a designated office in the school district.  Once the "Intent to Employ" form is completed and returned to the office where the form was acquired, a school official will issue a work permit to be given to the employer to have on file. 

Schools in States Requiring Work Permits: Schools normally keep two types of forms on hand -- Intent to Employ, Work Permit.  Schools should check with their local school district or another nearby school on where to acquire a supply of forms or if their school will be able to handle the work permits. It is common that students may be required to get work permits from other sources such as a school district office, school board office, or even a particular public school office.  If a school handles the work permits, returned/completed intent to employ documents are usually kept on file at the school with a copy of the issued work permit attached.  Some states may require the school to send a copy of the work permit to a specific government address.  Many states allow schools to stop/revoke the work permit if the student is academically suffering or has increased absenteeism.   



School Medical Records

States may have different health requirement procedures for schools, but most follow the nationally accepted requirements.  A medical record folder in the student's cumulative folder should be maintained.  It will usually contain:

bulleta main record card (usually blue)
bulletentrance health examination document
bullet6th grade hepatitis B vaccine proof (before 7th)
bulletcopies of documents used to update the record card (some states allow these to be disposed of once transcribed to the main record card)

Almost all states require a health examination to enter school with proof of childhood vaccines and proof of the  hepatitis B vaccine series before 7th grade. This is used to build the record card. Waiver forms for religious reasons are usually accepted by most states.  Some states allow a waiver for personal reasons.  You may want to use an advanced search engine page, and put the following phrases in the phrase box and enter your state in the additional words box to quickly find your state's forms.  Normally, you want to select a website with yourstate.gov in the web address rather than another school: Health Examination for School, Health Examination Waiver, Vaccine Waiver, School Health Requirements, Cumulative Health Record.   Here are some helpful forms for schools:

bulletMedical Record Card for cumulative folder to print on blue heavier paper.  Virginia: lf-009.pdf  California which may work better for other states: pm286b.pdf
bulletReport of Health Examination for School Entry (Virginia, but will work for most states):  MCH_213F_Revised_4_07.pdf
bulletWaiver for parents to not participate in health examination for school entry (Virginia, but may work in other states): cre-1.pdf 
bulletWaiver for parents to not participate in vaccines (still participating in health exam).  Both this waiver and the one above should be completed and in student's cumulative folder if they are waiving both the entry exam and vaccines. Virginia: cre-1.pdf  Other States: Vaccine_Refusal_Form.pdf
bulletFlier for school office to promote the 7th grade hepatitis requirements:  2dosehep-1000.pdf
bulletHealth requirements guide for schools (Virginia, but is the same for most states): School_Health_Entrance_Form_Instructions_2.28.07.pdf



Computer Literacy Curriculum Information (Click here for complete info) 

General Computer Tips (Click this to look at general computer survival tips.)

SOS Computer Info-   New School Startup Guide    Student Setup    Current Updates    SOS Installation Support



 If you are considering revisions to your policy handbooks in any of the following areas:

Home Schooling

Violence Prevention

Student Searches

Sexual Immorality

Legal Custody

Illegal Drugs/Alcohol/and Tobacco

Due Process/Arbitration

Hiring/Firing of Homosexuals 

Child Abuse Reporting

You can download a template handbook in Microsoft Word 2000 format.  (Please wait for this larger file to open or right-click and click Save Target As to save to your computer.)  Otherwise contact us using the Contact Us page.


Achievement Testing

Visit www.achievementtests2u.com to order online and find help with testing!

It is time to make arrangements for your spring Achievement and Cognitive Skills Testing.

It is important that you accurately inventory and order your CAT tests.  Because McGraw-Hill will no longer support the CTBS 4 and CAT/5 (complete battery) after 2008, you will only want to order exactly what you need.

If you have tests that you will not be using, you may want to contact other schools to see if they have a need.

If you are ready to change to a different standardized achievement test, we recommend the Terra Nova achievement test, which you can order through ESPE.  The Terra Nova, also published by McGraw Hill, will provide you with the same level of confidence that you enjoyed with the CAT/5.


Useful Links

Alpha Omega Publications (World leader in computerized Christian curriculum)

National Association of Private Schools  (Accreditation for schools using individualized learning)

Home School Legal Defense Association  (Legal protection for home school membership)

Christian Legal Defense (Alliance Defense Fund)

Pathways Development Series  (Computer-based reading therapy)

Focus on the Family  (National family support ministry)

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free

Cyber Hymnal (Listen to hymns)





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