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WESTERN CHRISTIAN ACADEMY is the ultimate solution in distance learning

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A California private school committed to the authority of Gods Word and to academic excellence, WCA utilizes 21st century technology to combine advanced computer-delivered instruction with the assistance of qualified teachers to ensure that your child experiences academic success in the safety of your own home. 

Here's how it works: Our on-line home study plan for grades 3-12 utilizes the Switched-On Schoolhouse® CD-ROM curriculum. Your student will complete schoolwork on a computer, and will submit it to our carefully-selected Christian teachers through a brief Internet synchronization process each day. Our teachers will grade the work and return it for review, offer personalized academic assistance, and monitor your student's performance. A messaging system is built into every page of the curriculum, so that students and teachers can easily communicate. 

Features: The highly-praised Switched-On Schoolhouse® curriculum uses a blend of text, videos, and animation to captivate students with a stimulating learning environment. The Bible and Gods view of life form the philosophical foundation of all subjects. Your child will develop real thinking skills instead of relying on rote memory. Students also experience a learning adventure through the optional pre-linked websites which allow learning outside of the written curriculum. While the computer is the central tool for learning, additional hands-on activities are included to reinforce cognitive skills.    

For more information, contact Western Christian Academy. You will receive a free information package that includes a demonstration CD-ROM and application forms.



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