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Name Definitions Lab Click here for purchasing information or to order online

Name Definition Certificate Program for Windows! Description

Name Definitions Lab Program CD $29.95 (Make your own certificates! Over 1000 names included.)

Plaques! Send us the name and we'll make the plaque! Great for awards or gifts!

5x7 Name Plaque with custom name definition       $12.95  

8x10 Name Plaque with custom name definition     $17.95

Custom Name Plaque                                                 $19.95 (this is for names not on the CD).


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ARC Reading Enhancement Program

Click here for purchasing information or to order online

ARC is a self-paced reading enhancement program designed to significantly sharpen reading, spelling and comprehension skills for grades 3 and beyond. This compelling course includes 96 self-paced reading, writing, and listening exercises.  Each CD-instructed lesson contains four sections: oral language and speech, listening and writing, fun with words, and comprehension.  ARC can be used in multiple environments, from recruitment and retention to homeschool and traditional school settings.  And for every month put into ARC, students will acquire a three-month gain!

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School Development Kit Click here for purchasing information or to order online

Saving time and money is important to every Christian school administrator. Starting and maintaining a health Christian school requires planning, carefully chosen policies, and on-going development. For these reasons, the School Development Kit is a “must have” resource for EVERY Christian school! Designed for both new and existing schools, this kit will save you weeks, months, and even years, plus thousands of dollars in development, planning, and promotion costs.  

Two sample spiral-bound manuals with corresponding CDs containing nearly 300 files of pre-designed electronic templates can be customized according to the needs of your Christian school. 

All the design, layout, and sample text has already been prepared for you by authors with more than 250+ years of administration and classroom experience. Contents include virtually every policy, contract, and communication form necessary for you to keep your Christian school operating on sound planning, effective policies, and efficient organization.


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Drawing Basics with Thomas Kinkade Click here for purchasing information or to order online


LIFEPAC’s new elective Drawing Basics™ with Thomas Kinkade is an activity-based beginning art course that budding artists will love.  This 5-unit elective covers key elements of art, principles of design, and fascinating facts about art history.  Featuring the video-based instruction of renowned artist Thomas Kinkade, this course will guide students, step-by-step, to illustrating the world around them.  From simple lines, to final details, students will learn how to draw things as they appear.  Although primarily intended for students in grades 3 through 5, this course also includes activities for students from beginner levels to intermediate levels, up to grade 8.

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Horizons Preschool Program Click here for purchasing information or to order online

Horizons Preschool has Biblically-based lessons and hands-on learning activities give preschoolers an introduction to social studies, language arts, math, phonics, and science. Additional topics such as health & safety, arts & crafts, music, and physical education add variety and depth to this foundational curriculum. This program can be easily adapted to a variety of daily schedules and program objectives with a flexible organizational structure. The 180 lessons come packaged in two student books, two teacher’s guides, a sing along music CD, and a resource packet. Basic flashcards and other manipulatives are included in the resource packet. An optional package of recommended multimedia is available separately.

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Civics Click here for purchasing information or to order online

Instills in students an understanding of the roles and relationships of citizens and their governments. Students can use the course to better understand the nature of citizenship, the relationship between an individual and various forms of government to which he must answer. Emphasis is also placed on the foundations and structure of American government, the roles and responsibilities of individual citizens, and Americans' role abroad.Civics is a one semester course designed for either the high school student or the advanced junior high student. 

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Home Economics Click here for purchasing information or to order online

From soup to nuts, pattern to finished outfit-it's all here in our Home Economics course! Knowledge of Christian home life as well as financial freedom and character qualities are emphasized in this extensive program.  Appropriate for grades 7-12. 

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Spanish I and II Click here for purchasing information or to order online

Both Spanish I and II are available.  

LIFEPAC Spanish I, a ten-unit course for grades 9-12, is exclusively designed for engagement and interaction. Building confidence through dialogue practice, lessons covered in this interactive one-semester course are: Family and Home, Around the Town, Pastimes, In the Restaurant, and Traveling. Filled with fun, creative lessons, LIFEPAC Spanish I builds basic skills in reading, writing, and speaking the Spanish language. Students learn Spanish vocabulary and basic word order through practice conversations. Printed materials emphasize reading comprehension and allow for practice writing. 

With newly revised LIFEPAC Spanish II, for grades 9-12, students will review the Spanish language more in-depth. Exclusively designed for engagement and interaction, this ten-unit course, focuses on dialogue practice. Some lessons covered in this course are: Past Tenses, Expressing Possession, Passive Voice, Future and Conditional Verb Tenses, and Imperative and Subjective Moods.  Packed with engaging, interactive lessons, LIFEPAC Spanish II provides practice in speech, writing, listening, along with reading and writing comprehension. 

Both courses require audio CDs for listening and comprehension activities and are included in the course set.  Each course contains ten worktexts and a teacher's guide that may be purchased individually.

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British Literature  Click here for purchasing information or to order online

As a supplement to the LIFEPAC Language Arts curriculum, this one semester course introduces students to important British authors.  Periods covered include The Middle Ages (to 1485), Reformation and Renaissance (1660-1798), The Neoclassical and Romantic Periods (1798-1832), The Victorian Age (1832-1901), and The Modern Era (20th Century).  Appropriate for grades 7-12. 

American Literature Click here for purchasing information or to order online

As a supplement to the LIFEPAC Language Arts curriculum, this one semester course introduces students to works by prominent American writers.  Periods covered include Early American Literature (1600-1800), The Romantic Period (1800-1855), War and Reconciliation (1855-1915), The Modern Age (1915-1946), and From Modern to Post-modern (1946-present).  Appropriate for grades 7-12. 

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